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Jeff and Debra

Jeff and Debra (Texas)
Loving, adventurous, stable family hoping to add another blessing to our lives. We are a fun family with TONS of love to give!

Michael and Kristen

Michael and Kristen (Utah)
We still remember driving home from the infertility clinic crying so hard that we had to pull over because we couldn't see the road. We filled out our adoption papers the very next day. It was the best and easiest decision we have ever made. It is almost humorous now looking back at how sad we were to be childless. Had we known then that we were going to adopt 5 amazing children and get to know and love 5 amazing birth moms we would have been celebrating instead of crying on the side of the road. We canít tell you how grateful we are for our children, their 5 very open adoptions, and their birth moms and birth families. We will forever be grateful for the beautiful gift of adoption and that is the reason why we want to adopt one more time.

Mike and Brittany

Mike and Brittany (Michigan)
We are an adventurous Christian couple who are excited to grow our family once again through the blessing of adoption. We're looking forward to providing a loving and stable home for your child and having him or her experience all that the country life has to offer. We're excited to begin this journey with you!

Tim and Ken

Tim and Ken (Michigan)
We have always known we wanted to grow our family through the miracle of adoption, and being placed with a foster child has confirmed our deep desire to have a forever family. Being selected by you would be an honor, and our privilege to care for, love and provide life changing opportunities to a little one! We are hopeful and excited to begin this journey with you!
Found 14 of 25 Listings, <<  Page 2 of 2  >>


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